From Senator Kim Elton

"As chair of the legislative council that hired Mr. Branchflower, I find hisfindings exactly on point. I've made it clear in letters to Mr. Colbergduring the investigation and in a newsletter calling for his resignation for hisadvice that responding to subpoenas is voluntary. It shows he has nounderstanding of one of the fundamentals of law.

The question isn't whether the legislature should sanction but instead iswhether there is a will by a majority of legislators to do so. The same withquestions about the getting to the issue of the truthfulness of those who gavestatements to both investigators. Again, I think Mr. Branchflower is compellingand the Personnel Board is not.

The fact that those who sued me , the council and Sen. French to stop thelegislative council investigator and in their pleadings compared my actions toSen. Joe McCarthy's actions and the fact that the Palin Truth Squadchallenged my integrity in the grossest way has not moved me from my convictionthat Mr. Moneghan was ill-treated and that the facts support that illegalactions were taken as reported by Mr. Branchflower."