Sen. Fred Dyson

I am in receipt of your e-mail concerning your recommendation that I investigate, impeach or lynch Governor Palin.

I participated in the Branchflower presentation, including the confidential portion of the report. Some of his findings were as follows:

1) The Governor had the authority to fire or transfer Commissioner Walt Monegan.

2) The investigation of Trooper Mike Wooten by the Alaska State Troopers was complete. If the recommendation of that investigation had been followed this whole matter could have been avoided and would have been resolved 4 years ago.

3) Citizens, who complain about a state peace officer, are precluded by law from ever knowing if the government ever paid any attention, investigated or took any action on the complaint. Branchflower himself said it was no wonder the Palin family was frustrated. They could not be told by the Department of Public Safety what, if anything had happened with their complaints. I am personally introducing legislation to fix this hole in our state law so this will not happen to any other citizen.

4) Mr. Monegan said when he told Governor Palin that it was improper for her to talk to him about any personnel matter; she never brought it up again! However, Mr. Monegan did tell Governor Palin that it was ok for Todd Palin, as a citizen, to talk to him regarding the matter.

5) Governor Palin could have handled this situation better and Mr. Monegan or Governor Palin should have referred the issue to the State Personnel Board much sooner than it was. I believe the above “FACTS”to be unassailably TRUE.

Your e-mail seems to impeach itself, 1) Part of it was slavishly similar to dozens of e-mails I received indicating very little independent thought and NO NEW FACTS. 2) It seemed to jump to the guilty assumption and that Governor Palin is known by you to be EVIL. 3) It showed no sense of mercy or understanding of human frailty.

Unlike you, I do not know for sure if this issue was a “cover up” or a witch hunt, it may have been a bit of both.

Finally, please know that your e-mail had NO positive effect on me except to motivate me to be even more fair and open minded as I attempt to do my duty.

If you do find facts that will inform my decisions or mature to a point that your position is based on facts and fairness, I will be delighted to hear from you.

In addition, Alaska statutes do NOT clearly state that the “Legislative Council” has the authority to investigate the administration or issue subpoenas. Unfortunately the state court refused to rule on this.

Senator Fred Dyson
Senate District I
Eagle River , AK